Professional Uber and Lyft drivers are dependent on their ride sharing income. If you’re a professional driver who has been in an accident, can you recover your lost income from the at-fault party?

Rideshare Downtime = Income Producing Vehicle Undrivable

If you are out of work because your vehicle was damaged, you are experiencing “downtime” and you can make a claim to the at fault driver’s insurance company. This is most commonly used in the trucking industry, but most any commercial use of a vehicle would suffice. Running a rideshare business is a commercial use.

Necessary Documents for Rideshare

What do I need for a downtime claim?

  1. Proof that the other party was at fault for the accident (police report, witnesses, photos).
  2. Proof of your rideshare income.
  3. Proof of your rideshare employment/ independent contractor status.

Laws Regarding Lost Profits

Across the US, most states’ laws allow you to collect lost profits or downtime, which is often called loss of use. Don’t count on an insurance company to volunteer to pay you for these damages, though. Many insurance adjusters are not familiar with downtime and may not understand what you are asking for. They may only offer to reimburse you for a rental.  However, some ride-sharing companies do not allow you under their contract to rent another vehicle and continue driving. Instead, you must have your own vehicle according to the agreement. This means you’re down until your vehicle is repaired.

Downtime or Loss of Use Claim for Your Rideshare Business

Make the claim for your downtime claim with the adverse insurance company. If you run into trouble, seek legal representation. You should look for an attorney that focuses on downtime, not personal injuries. Personal injury attorneys specialize in bodily injuries and lost wages. Lost wages are not the same as downtime losses. To put it simply, lost wages are dollars lost because you were physically injured and could not work as a result. Instead, downtime losses are dollars lost because your vehicle was down. Please seek a consultation with a downtime lawyer early in the process, as time is of the essence.

With organization and perseverance, you should make progress in collecting your lost ridesharing profits. Call us if you need help. And happy driving!

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