Out of Pocket Loss Recovery Attorneys


After a traffic accident or a mechanical incident, it may be necessary to rent a truck and trailer to continue hauling loads or a car to get home.  Retain all receipts, as they may be needed in order to be reimbursed.


Sometimes equipment must be towed from an accident site and the cost can be significant.  Towing companies may bill directly for their services.  We help collect the towing fee from the adverse party.

Transfer of Cargo

When equipment is damaged and not drivable, cargo must often be transferred to another driver or to other equipment.  The loss of income from the load, and any fee for the transfer, is pursued by us against the at-fault party.


Detention pay is often due because of a delay in the loading or unloading process. We pursue those parties who fail to live up to their end of a contracted bargain.


Eckert & Associates, P.A. assists in collecting the cost of repairs necessary due to an accident or other negligent incident.  When a mechanic has made a faulty repair, we may include the cost of any follow-up repairs and other out of pocket expenses associated with the repair.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses due to an accident can add up quickly.  Please contact our office as soon as possible regarding any bodily injuries that have occurred due to an accident so as to protect your rights.

Diminution of Value

The value of equipment may decrease because of damages from an accident.  Our office pursues this lost value with the goal of making our clients as whole as possible.


Are you an owner-operator who has been hit through no fault of your own?

You may have the right to recover lost income for the days your equipment was down and unable to operate.