Elizabeth Vogel

Administrative Assistant

Meet Elizabeth Vogel, your dedicated Administrative Assistant with a wealth of experience in providing exceptional support. Armed with an AA degree from FSCJ, Elizabeth excels in her role as an assistant to the manager, ensuring a calm and collected environment for both customers and staff.

Having firsthand insight into the demanding nature of work through her uncle’s experience as a semi-truck driver, Elizabeth approaches her job with empathy and a keen understanding of the importance of support.

Proudly holding an AA degree, Elizabeth is not only committed to her professional growth but also takes joy in being a fantastic aunt to her niece and nephew, emphasizing her strong family bonds.

Driven by her unwavering pride in her job, Elizabeth finds inspiration in providing exceptional customer service and helping others navigate challenges. In her personal life, she enjoys the company of her 12-year-old wiener dog, Boo.

With a focus on excellence and a genuine love for assisting others, Elizabeth Vogel is a valuable asset to any team, bringing a perfect blend of professionalism and compassion.

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