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Kate Corcoran

Assistant Case Manager

Kate Corcoran is a driven professional with a passion for meticulous data management and client support. With a background rooted in both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, she is committed to delivering excellence in every task she undertakes.

In her current role, Kate takes pride in managing the intricate web of information that keeps our operations running smoothly. As a detail-oriented individual, she oversees the collection, organization, and maintenance of essential data, documents, and materials. Her analytical skills shine as she meticulously reviews and compiles financial data from clients, leveraging her education to calculate projected income losses based on historical data and relevant factors.

Beyond the numbers and documents, Kate thrives in collaboration. Handling the intake process for legal support requests, she facilitates smooth communication between all stakeholders. Her ability to foster strong relationships with attorneys, adjusters, case managers, and colleagues ensures that clients receive consistent and reliable support, solidifying our commitment to their success.

In her free time, she loves embracing the wonders of Florida, discovering hidden gems, and enjoying the vibrant culture it has to offer. Kate has lived on all three US coastlines, and her love for exploration parallels her commitment to professional growth, as she continues to evolve and adapt in this ever-changing landscape.

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