Lisa Baumgartener

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Baumgartener is an integral part of our team, handling incoming calls, income recaps, and following up with callers who find us on our website. She also uses her design skills to create engaging brochures.

Lisa earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, and her interest in the trucking industry was piqued by her father-in-law, who worked as a Schneider driver for 25 years.

Lisa’s passion lies in connecting with clients and providing them with comfort and hope during a difficult time. She feels privileged to be an advocate for hardworking individuals who have found themselves in unfortunate situations beyond their control.

When she’s not at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, adult children, and beloved fur babies. She’s an avid outdoors enthusiast, often found biking or kayaking in her free time.

A woman in a black top standing in the woods.

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