Michelle Cam

Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Michelle Cam is an Administrative and Marketing Assistant with a passion for helping clients and creating engaging content. In her administrative role, Michelle assists clients in collecting their supporting documents and processing them in order to prove their claim. In marketing, she creates articles, artistic content, and reviews materials before they are published to help clients find and connect with the company.

Michelle graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English, which she uses to bring her creative background to her work. She initially interned at the office while working at Lowe’s before working for the firm as a Litigation Assistant, which eventually led to her current administrative role. Michelle takes pride in the training she provides to other employees and how they have flourished in their jobs, as well as the content she has created for the marketing department.

Outside of work, Michelle has a passion for helping people and connecting with them. This led her to volunteer at a hospital in her hometown for three years at the concierge desk. She believes that truckers play an essential role in our society and should not be overlooked or undervalued. Michelle loves creating content that truckers can relate to and enjoys incorporating her love of art and reading into her work. She also loves her cat, Widget, and has a passion for neutral fashion.

Michelle Cam

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