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Olivia Clark

Marketing Assistant

Meet Olivia Clark, our talented marketing assistant! She is responsible for designing and sharing the firm’s media content – such as educational blogs and videos, and paper marketing materials. Olivia also serves as a connection between our firm and other transportation businesses, ensuring that our clients have easy access to our services. With a marketing certification from Hootsuite and currently pursuing a degree at Regent University, Olivia is a skilled marketer with a passion for creative work.

Olivia started her journey at our firm as an administrative assistant, but soon found her true calling in creative marketing. She takes pride in being able to relate and empathize with people, which makes her an excellent asset in helping clients start their case. She also serves as the marketing director for Regent University’s College Student Leadership Board, where she uses her creative skills to help build a vibrant, connected, and well-informed student body.

What Olivia loves most about her job is creating easily accessible information that draws people in and teaches them something new. She believes in our firm’s mission of helping transportation professionals get the representation they deserve and is proud to be a part of that effort. In her free time, Olivia enjoys painting, reading, drinking coffee, and spending time with her loved ones and her furry friends at the local animal shelter.

Olivia Clark

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