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Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 3

Finally, once you leave the scene the steps you take in the days after the trucking accident should include the following:

  1. File a claim with the other driver’s insurance company if the other driver has not done so. Have a copy of the police report and any other documents relating to the accident in front of you when you call. They will want detailed information as to the scene and what transpired there.
  2. Once a claim has been filed, you will be given a claim number. The file will be assigned to an insurance adjuster to investigate and manage the claim. It may be a couple of days before this adjuster calls you on the claim. Don’t wait too long for the adjuster to get back with you. You will want to be proactive in resolving this matter. They are interested in protecting their insured, not you.
  3. If they admit to liability of their insured, great. You have passed step one. Now step two: agreeing on the value of the damages (property and bodily injury) and other losses, including downtime claims. This takes research and organization on your part.
  4. If the adverse adjuster does not admit to liability, they will not pay you. In order to get paid for your damages to your property and loss of profit while unable to work, you now have two choices. You can either file a claim with your insurance company or you can sue the adverse party and/or their insurance company in the hopes the judge will rule in your favor.

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