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Getting Your Claim The Attention it Deserves Can Be Hard.

  • Insurance companies won’t properly compensate you
  • You’re given the runaround and no one wants to help
  • It’s hard to navigate the claim process by yourself

No One Should Lose Income Because of Downtime.

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Our Lawyers Know the Trucking Industry!

Did you know? You may have the right to recover lost income for the days your equipment was down and unable to operate. Being an owner operator means there are a lot of things you have to do on your own. Recovering lost income due to an accident shouldn’t be one of them. We help owner operators and fleets recover money lost through not-at-fault accidents. We also handle insurance subrogation. We pursue property damage losses, including diminution of value, as well as lost income.

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From there, we’ll have a free consultation to talk about the details of your claim. Most owner operators are entitled to downtime coverage but face resistance or misinformation from the insurance company or large self-insured trucking company.

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Our lawyers focus on exactly this kind of work, so you’re in good hands. Once you complete the initial paperwork, we get to work helping you recover the downtime pay you’re entitled to.

Get Paid for Downtime

Losing income because of downtime should not be something an owner operator just accepts. There are systems in place to ensure someone else’s negligence doesn’t impact your earnings, and we help you through this process.

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The 5 Most Common Things Truckers Forget in the Aftermath of an Accident

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The Unique Nature of Downtime Claims

Downtime, Lost Revenue, Loss of Revenue, Loss of Use, Lost Income, and Business Interruption Losses are terms often intermingled within the insurance industry.

When your equipment isn’t operating, you can’t make money. For owner operators – truckers, wreckers, rideshare or delivery drivers, it’s important to get back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident.

But…your bills keep coming even if your truck isn’t bringing in the money. Owner-operators, motor carriers, and fleets who lose the use of their vehicles following an accident are stripped of their income-making capacity, playing havoc with their livelihood and bottom line profit.

Large losses of revenue add up quickly. It’s important to take action immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Downtime is that time when your equipment is down and not making money. Downtime, Lost Revenue, Loss of Revenue, Loss of Use, Lost Income, and Business Interruption Losses are terms often intermingled within the industry. When rolling assets are not moving, no income is produced. Owner operators don’t make income while equipment is sitting still. However, businesses continue to have fixed expenses (insurance, truck payment, office expenses, etc). Owner-operators and motor carriers who lose the use of their trucks following an accident are stripped of their income-making capacity, playing havoc with their livelihood and bottom line. Large losses of revenue add up quickly.
In order to speak with an attorney about your case, please call, email, or complete the “Get Started” questionnaire. We will review your information and get back with you as quickly as possible. The consultation is usually free of charge.

Documents vary depending on the case. Has the adverse party admitted wrongdoing and accepted liability? If not, we will need the documents and evidence proving they were at fault. If they have agreed they were at fault, we will need documents and evidence proving the financial loss your business had because of the accident. We will provide you with a list of the documents needed.We will request a breakdown of your income and expenses. If the accident occurred during a high-income time of the year, we will want the data which proves these higher-than-normal figures. We will calculate lost profit on a daily basis and multiply this loss by the number of working days down to arrive at your lost income figure.

There is no charge to talk with an attorney. Once we take your case, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means we take a percentage of the settlement at the end of the case. The amount of the contingency fee depends on the size and facts of the case. Many law firms handle these matters only on an hourly basis — with a hefty retainer. We are a positive alternative to this scenario. We strive to recover lost profits for owner operators from negligent third parties.

Our Downtime Claims Attorneys & Staff

The law firm of Eckert & Associates, P.A. aggressively pursues and collects downtime claims for owner-operators and fleets, as well as subrogation matters for insurance companies.

We work in the style of a collection agency, but with the force of a law firm. We work on a contingency fee basis. No upfront cost is required to begin a case through our office. Our active hands-on approach during the early stages of collection allows for a better chance of resolving the matter without litigation.

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