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W. Kelsea Eckert – BIO
Attorney at Law

Mary Ardolino – BIO
Case Manager

Brenda Vasquez – BIO
Administrative and Marketing Manager

Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark – BIO
Legal Assistant

Mary Ann Jarvis

Mary Ann Jarvis – BIO
Legal Assistant

Cassie Hanson – BIO
Administrative Assistant

Michelle Cam

Michelle Cam – BIO
Marketing & Administrative Assistant

Olivia Clark

Olivia Clark – BIO
Marketing Assistant

Lisa Baumgartener – BIO
Administrative Assistant

Fallon Baker

Fallon Baker – BIO
Calculation Specialist

Hannah Freeland

Hannah Freeland – BIO
Case Coordinator

Left to Right: Mary Ardolino, Brenda Vasquez, Cassie Hanson, Suzanne Reynolds, Kelsea Eckert, Jason Schafer, Fallon Baker, Hannah Freeland, Michelle Cam, Lisa Baumgartener