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Kelsea Eckert

Attorney at Law

Kelsea Eckert enjoys helping clients resolve their insurance and downtime claims.  She is active in the trucking community and is always willing to speak with groups about transportation topics.

Kelsea was raised in the Bloomington, Illinois area and has practiced law since 1988. She lives in Florida and Kentucky, representing clients across the United States.

Over the years, she has written numerous books including:  The Illinois Legal Filing Directory, Small Claims Court Without a Lawyer, How to Form Your Own Corporation, Getting Paid in Full, Lawsuits of the Rich and Famous, and Selling Internationally, Without a Product. 

Kelsea regularly speaks at trade shows, podcasts and radio shows on transportation issues. She writes articles for newsletters, magazines and the Eckert & Associates, PA blog.

Kelsea attended Illinois State University and University of Georgia during her undergraduate years. She graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Law. She is a member of the Illinois Bar and Florida Bar.

Kelsea is on the board of the Transportation Club of Jacksonville as the Driver Advocate Chair. She is involved in her community through volunteering and she and her husband have two amazing children.

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