“The only place to call. Excellent people that do an outstanding job!”
Paul Sherrod, Owner-Operator

“On November 11, 2021 I got into my first ever accident when another driver turned into me and took out the front right corner of my truck. While insurance covered all repairs it left me in a pickle in terms of being out of work for 6 weeks. It took a few months but eventually Eckert & Associates got me my down time pay and in turn helped me pay off my truck. Not saying I want to get in an accident again but if that were to happen I’d definitely use them again.”
Preston Douglas, Owner-Operator

“Eckert & Associates provided a resource to recover some of my monetary losses. They kept me updated on the status and were very honest on the possible outcome. They were never pushy.”
Mike Jernigan of Jernigan Enterprises, LLC

Emrah said we “collected his lost wages in a timely manner” and that he’d change “absolutely nothing” about our services.
Emrah Akdemir, Owner-Operator

One client noted on our survey that we are “Efficient, thorough, great follow up & organized.”
Anonymous, Owner-Operator

“Eckert & Associates came to my aid and got me much more than I would have [received].”
Hope C., Owner-Operator

“[Eckert & Associates] got results from the accused. [I would change] nothing. I was satisfied with the outcome.”
Charles J., Owner-Operator

“I felt better knowing I had advocate.”
Alicia & Leo A., Owner-Operators

“I didn’t think I was going to get any money for my downtime. I called about 6 law offices . . . From the moment I talked to Mrs. Eckert, I knew I was in good hands.”
Alfred D., Owner-Operator

I appreciate the professionalism and patience – very knowledgeable. I wouldn’t change anything. It was a good experience having Eckert & Associates representing me. Even though I called many times, it didn’t matter because the professionalism was still present (kindness).”
Kelvin W., Owner-Operator

“Excellent company. Goes beyond the average. Knowledgeable about transportation industry.”
Michael C., Owner-Operator

“[They] explained things well & was easy for me to understand.”
Hugh S., Owner-Operator

“[I liked your] honesty & professionalism.”
Aleksandr B., Owner-Operator

“Attorney Eckert was such a great lawyer. Happy you were there for us.”
Michael & Jennifer W., Owner-Operators

“Everyone was very professional & worked with us in a very timely manner. We wish there were more people like you. You relieved a lot of stress from us. We knew we were in good hands with y’all.”
Doolchandeo J., Owner-Operator

“I am so grateful for services provided from Eckert & Associates they kept me informed throughout the entire process and very professional. I highly recommend them God bless.” R.W.


Are you an owner-operator who has been hit through no fault of your own?

You may have the right to recover lost income for the days your equipment was down and unable to operate.