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COVID’s Got Your Income Down? Supplement Your Income with Downtime Reimbursement

The Coronavirus pandemic has rocked our economy, but as always, truckers have come through for the American people. According to Transport Topics: Truck drivers have been among the front-line responders to the pandemic, delivering medical supplies and equipment to hospitals [...]

It’s almost Christmas! Don’t let Downtime Losses play Scrooge with your Income!

Some small trucking businesses are fortunate to have dedicated runs and haul very consistent loads week in and week out. However, most companies’ loads are not as consistent. Loads may fluctuate with the holidays, growing seasons, market demand, and other [...]


Being deposed is not for the faint-of-heart and should be taken very seriously.  As I’ll explain, a deposition can cost you your case as a plaintiff or defendant and cost you your job and career as an expert witness.  Even [...]

Self-Insured Fleets: Your Claims Department Can Effectively Recover from Other Parties

Is your fleet considering becoming self-insured? If already self-insured, is your claims department successfully recovering from at-fault parties? Many trucking fleets become self-insured to lower insurance costs.  The self-insured retention (amount of loss the company covers directly) plays [...]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 4

Subrogation lawyers are trained to handle the negotiations and litigation with the adverse party and their insurance company. If you hire an attorney to help you, these are some of the items they may ask you to provide. In order [...]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 3

Finally, once you leave the scene the steps you take in the days after the trucking accident should include the following: File a claim with the other driver's insurance company if the other driver has not done so. Have a [...]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 2

The steps you can take at the time of a trucking accident and at the site are very important: After verifying all individuals involved in the accident are okay and dialing 911 if necessary, focus on the property damage, i.e. [...]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 1

You've driven your truck for eight years without an accident. Last December, out of the blue, another vehicle sideswipes you and causes $15,000.00 in damage to your tractor.  You drive highly specialized equipment and you suddenly find yourself down for [...]

Downtime Claims for the Owner Operator- Don’t Leave Money on the Table After an Accident

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJkTpHNPytA You're properly parked at a rest stop and WHAM! Some new driver takes out the front of your cab while trying to park his rig.  With a sick feeling in your stomach, you know you're [...]

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