Should You Buy a Dash Cam?

How often have you witnessed some jerk weaving in and out of traffic, cutting off drivers, and tailgating other vehicles? You think to yourself, “I wish I had a dash cam so I could report this driver!”  Now is the time to consider purchasing one before the next incident happens. Here are some pros and cons. Pros: In the event you’re an innocent victim of an accident, the dash cam is your best witness. It provides real-time evidence and helps you better recall what happened. The footage can be useful in helping an insurance adjuster determine who’s at fault and […]

Consider Using a Preferred Provider for Repairs

When making a claim with your insurance carrier or the adverse at-fault insurance carrier, you may be given the option to have repairs done at one of their “preferred provider” body or repair shops. If not, consider asking the adjuster. Using a body shop or other repair facility which is on the insurance company’s preferred provider list may streamline the repair process. Here are some of the advantages: Prescreened repair shops may include a lengthy or lifetime guarantee on all work performed. For example, if you are not pleased with a paint job because it begins to peel after a few months […]

Can I Sue the Cow that Struck my Truck?

A herd of black cows gets out of their fenced pasture on a starless night.  They wander onto the nearby highway you’re on.  You slow down and fortunately avoid all but one of them.  You’re okay, but your truck sustains $10,000 in damage.  The cow is dead.  Do you have any recourse against anyone for your damages? Many accidents involving livestock and wild animals occur at night when drivers are unable to see them on the roadway. Drivers have no time to react and often strike at full-speed. The damage caused by collision with a large animal is likely to […]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 4

Subrogation lawyers are trained to handle the negotiations and litigation with the adverse party and their insurance company. If you hire an attorney to help you, these are some of the items they may ask you to provide. In order to avoid delays in resolving your case, be sure to provide all documents requested at the beginning of the representation. Police Report Estimates Checks or Proofs of Payment Photographs Recorded Statements Expert Reports Insured’s Downtime or Out of Pocket Expenses Transportation Documentation Preservation of Evidence Traffic accidents are never fun. However, preparation is the key to making it less painful. […]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 3

Finally, once you leave the scene the steps you take in the days after the accident should include the following: File a claim with the adverse driver’s insurance company if the adverse has not. Have a copy the police report and any other documents relating to the accident in front of you when you call. They will want detailed information as to the scene and what transpired there. Once a claim has been filed, you will be given a claim number. The file will be assigned to an insurance adjuster to investigate and manage the claim. It may be a […]

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 2

    The steps you can take at the time of accident and at the site are very important: After verifying all individuals involved in the accident are okay and dialing 911 if necessary, focus on the property damage, i.e. the damages to your vehicle and the other vehicle(s).Take as many pictures as you can of the site of the accident, i.e. the skid marks, the nearby signs, posts, guard rails, etc., items in the road, a low lying bright sun, heavy rain, sleet, or snow in the air or on the roadway making the surface slick or the vision […]