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Person using a tablet with digital icons is shown, promoting digital permit books for trucking companies with the text “Transportation is Going Digital. ECRED: Digital Permit Books.”.

eCred: Digital Upgrades in the Trucking Industry

It seems like these days everything in the trucking industry is getting a digital upgrade. Yet, many carriers are still using paper permits and logs. Digital Permits eCred has been

A semitruck dashcam that protects against downtime claims and ensures accurate documentation for legal purposes.

Beyond the Lens: What Does a Dashcam Do for You?

In the transportation industry, technology continues to reshape procedures and safety, and the trucking industry experiences many of these changes firsthand. One essential innovation for truckers has been the dashcam.

straight truck

Success as an Owner-Operator in a Straight Truck

Are you thinking of becoming an owner-operator? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve been in the trucking business since 2012 and want to share our methods for success. This article