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Trucking Safety

A semitruck dashcam that protects against downtime claims and ensures accurate documentation for legal purposes.

Beyond the Lens: What Does a Dashcam Do for You?

In the transportation industry, technology continues to reshape procedures and safety, and the trucking industry experiences many of these changes firsthand. One essential innovation for truckers has been the dashcam.

Can a dash cam save your semitruck claim?

Can a Dash Cam Save Your Claim?

Dash cam videos can be an essential piece of evidence in your insurance claim. For many of our clients, dash cam videos are so important, that their case relies on

Who's responsible for accidents caused by livestock on the highway?

Livestock on the Highway?

Ranchers and farmers have a duty to keep their livestock behind fences in most areas. They certainly are required to keep them off of federal highways. If a horse or

Trailer carrying windmill blades causes ruckus on the road, leading to potential downtime claims and legal complications.

Heavy Hauling & Accident Claims

It’s a well-known fact throughout the trucking industry that four wheeled vehicles are usually the at-fault party in traffic accident between semis and cars. The Windmill Example of an Oversized

Broken windshield, Accidents Happen; be prepared

Be Prepared; Accidents Happen!

Jack is a million mile safe driver. Recently, he was properly parked at a loading dock when a distracted trucker swung too wide and hit his truck. This accident wasn’t

Xrays and MRI scans, Truckers have personal injuries too

Truckers Have Personal Injuries Too

Jorge, a professional truck driver, was traveling north on I-95 when a car decided to brake suddenly in front of him for no apparent reason. With as much effort as

Semi Truck Accident

What Truckers Should Do After an Accident

By the very definition of the word, accidents are events that are unexpected. As truck drivers, we have all seen our share of vehicle accidents. Although we hope to never

drivers qualification

Motor Carriers: Qualification of Commercial Drivers

One of the many obligations required of motor carriers is to ensure drivers are qualified to operate the commercial motor vehicle they operate.  The purpose of commercial drivers’ qualification is

Truck driver sitting in front seat.

What Makes a Truck DOT Drivable?

Many people say the easiest part of being a professional driver is the actual driving of the truck.  Some may believe that holding the steering wheel as you survey the