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Trailer carrying windmill blades causes ruckus on the road, leading to potential downtime claims and legal complications.

Heavy Hauling & Accident Claims

It’s a well-known fact throughout the trucking industry that four wheeled vehicles are usually the at-fault party in traffic accident between semis and cars.

The Windmill Example of an Oversized Load:

Owner Operator, David, has a small but profitable trucking business. He and his wife own one heavy haul truck and trailer, designed specifically to haul oversize loads like windmill blades. Last month David and a pilot car were transporting a windmill blade across Oklahoma when a young girl in a small car ran right into the side of David’s trailer. By the grace of God, she wasn’t hurt, and neither was the cargo. But David’s heavy haul trailer was damaged enough to not be drivable until fixed.

The transfer of the windmill blade to a substitute driver’s equipment was expensive, as well as the tow of the trailer to the repair shop. While David’s truck wasn’t damaged, it wasn’t very useful without the trailer that was married to it.

Mitigation Problems for Heavy Haulers

David did everything he could to get the repairs moving quickly. While he knew the odds of finding the type of heavy haul trailer he needed were almost futile, he emailed rental shops asking if they had the equipment he required. The answer was always “no”, but it was good David took these steps because the insurance adjuster for the young girl’s insurance company asked for proof of mitigation. David was able to forward the rejection letters from the rental companies, showing no comparable equipment was available for rent.

Crazy accidents happen, including one in 2020 between a cattle hauler and a truck carrying a wind turbine blade in Wyoming.  Ice may have been a factor in that accident.

Remember to stay safe out there!

As we go into the winter season, be extra cautious of those drivers around you. While you may be a very safe driver, you and your equipment are a big target for others not paying attention.

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