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Person using a tablet with digital icons is shown, promoting digital permit books for trucking companies with the text “Transportation is Going Digital. ECRED: Digital Permit Books.”.

eCred: Digital Upgrades in the Trucking Industry

It seems like these days everything in the trucking industry is getting a digital upgrade. Yet, many carriers are still using paper permits and logs. Digital Permits eCred has been

Trucker down serving essential transportation essential times in times of personal crisis.

Trucker Down: Charity for Truckers in Personal Crisis

Truckers are underserved. Trucker Down believes that truck drivers are essential workers in an underserved community. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), more than 80% of U.S. communities depend

Woman in front of semi truck

Women in Trucking and Women in Law

Both the transportation and law fields were dominated by men for many years. Both have made vast improvements in the development of women in the fields. Women In Trucking Association,

Trailer carrying windmill blades causes ruckus on the road, leading to potential downtime claims and legal complications.

Heavy Hauling & Accident Claims

It’s a well-known fact throughout the trucking industry that four wheeled vehicles are usually the at-fault party in traffic accident between semis and cars. The Windmill Example of an Oversized

Broken windshield, Accidents Happen; be prepared

Be Prepared; Accidents Happen!

Jack is a million mile safe driver. Recently, he was properly parked at a loading dock when a distracted trucker swung too wide and hit his truck. This accident wasn’t

What is Freight Factoring? Learn How Factoring Can Change Your Business

What is Freight Factoring?

If you are in the trucking industry, you have probably heard of “freight factoring”. Freight factoring is such a useful tool for small and medium sized businesses. The benefits of

empty store shelf, Where are All the Parts?

Where Have All the Parts Gone?

Eckert & Associates’ attorney Jason Schafer and I hear clients’ frustrations daily about delays in truck repairs because of back ordered parts. COVID has created nightmares in the supply chain

100 dollar bills. truck icon, Post Accident Financial Troubles? Lance Robinson

Post-accident Equipment Financing

In the United States, there are approximately 350,000 independent OTR owner-operators.  This accounts for 9 percent of the 3.5 million truck drivers overall. In addition, annually, there are about 500,000

Various Equipment used in expedited trucking

Expedited Trucking

I am often asked what are the pros and the cons of expedited trucking versus standard trucking. The lists are long. While most people know about the “standard” trucking world,

MCS-90 Endorsement

Have You Heard of the MCS-90 Endorsement?

Sometimes a client is hit by a truck with no insurance coverage.  While it is often difficult to get paid in this situation, there may be a viable “deep pocket”