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Trucker down serving essential transportation essential times in times of personal crisis.

Trucker Down: Charity for Truckers in Personal Crisis

Truckers are underserved. Trucker Down believes that truck drivers are essential workers in an underserved community. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), more than 80% of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for the delivery of their products and services. Nearly all our everyday goods have been on a truck at some point, but the unfortunate truth is that the industry is easily overlooked and taken for granted. Trucker Down is the only organization of its kind serving all CDL-A drivers and their families, regardless of miles driven per day. This grass roots charity is leading the movement to honor and support these key players throughout the vulnerability of a personal crisis.

Independent contractors are the highest percentage of drivers in the industry. These hard-working men and women make sacrifices and difficult choices every day to stay behind the wheel of their rigs and provide for their families. The unfortunate reality is that they forgo employment and health-related insurance coverage. When they’re injured, sick, or experiencing a personal hardship, they typically don’t have the financial means to cover their expenses for extended periods of time, causing them to be off the road without the security of a job.

With a passion to support the trucking industry he loves, Trucker Down was founded by Etienne Hightower, CEO of Believers Trucking, a small, minority-owned trucking company established in 2018. After twenty years in law enforcement, a conversation with one of the fathers at his son’s basketball game changed his life’s trajectory in countless ways. This father had trucking experience and was in desperate need of a job but was struggling to find someone who would give him a chance. When Etienne heard that, he knew he had to help. “I’ve always felt truckers were a great group of people.” In that moment, Etienne saw the opportunity to become associated with the community he had always admired.

Trucker Down has embarked on a campaign in 2023 called “DRIVE for 155” to raise $155,000 in support of truck drivers who are experiencing a crisis. That’s $1,000 invested in 155 drivers and their families to provide emergency assistance and help them with the cost of essentials like food, rent, utility bills, or maintaining health insurance. A special dinner event is scheduled for Friday, October 6, 2023, in Wilmington, NC to celebrate the expected achievement of that goal. While accepting donations throughout the year, Trucker Down encourages supporters to consider attending or sponsoring the October dinner. Details for tickets and sponsorships are available at www.truckerdown.org/gala.