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Truck Drivers: Think Twice Before Posting Video Footage on Social Media After an Accident!

Being a truck driver comes with numerous responsibilities, including ensuring both your safety and the safety of others. After a traffic accident that’s not your fault, protect your and your company’s interests by proving the other party was responsible for the accident. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, keep your dash-cam rolling, even when parked. Then, when an accident happens, save the footage right away. This video footage will go a long way in proving liability.

Social Media

In today’s digital age, it’s tempting to want to share every part of our lives on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snap Chat. However, when it comes to traffic accidents, resist the urge to post any information or videos related to the incident. The at-fault party and their insurance company may see the video and use it against you in some way.

Sharing accident details with the general public can have serious consequences and potentially harm a claim. It’s best to keep all accident-related information confidential. Discuss the details only with your attorney, safety director and insurance adjuster. Get the approval of your attorney before sharing any video or other evidence directly with the adverse party or their insurance company.

Even after an accident claim has been settled, it may not be wise to post the video footage on social media. Read the wording of the settlement agreement and release carefully. Oftentimes, confidentiality language is included. This may mean you are not allowed to share the accident or settlement details on social media.

Preserve all documents!

From the moment an accident happens, save and organize all relevant evidence, documents and correspondence. This includes witness statements, incident and police reports, estimates, invoices, medical records, insurance claims, emails and attachments, and any other paperwork associated with the incident.

To stay organized, consider creating a dedicated folder on your computer or a physical file where you can keep all these documents organized and easily accessible. This folder will be helpful in providing all crucial evidence needed for you and your team to prove the claim or lawsuit.

As a truck driver, protecting your interests after an accident is of utmost importance. Preserve evidence, remain confidential, stay organized, and seek assistance as needed. These actions are essential steps to safeguarding your livelihood and recovering from an accident successfully.

Stay safe out there!