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Coloring page featuring Freddie and Freddy with a semitruck.

Buck the Truck with Freddie and Freckles

Meet Freddie, Freckles, and Buck the Truck! Everything was going well for Buck and his friends. Until all of a sudden… BAM! A cargo trailer backed right into Buck! What

3 tips on managing your semitruck factoring relationship.

3 Tips on Managing your Factoring Relationship

Invoice factoring is one of the most accessible financing tools used by owner-operators and small fleets throughout the U.S. If you’re not already familiar, invoice factoring allows truck company owners

Woman in front of semi truck

Women in Trucking and Women in Law

Both the transportation and law fields were dominated by men for many years. Both have made vast improvements in the development of women in the fields. Women In Trucking Association,

truck stop truck lawyer


In the middle of the night in an Alabama truck stop, Jake[i] was thrown from the bunk in his tractor. Jake grabbed his pants and looked out the window. Another

department of insurance

What is the Department of Insurance? How Can It Help Me?

Each state has an agency to regulate and police that state’s insurance industry. This agency is called the Department of Insurance, Division of Insurance, Insurance Bureau, or something similar. Each

business hurricane damage

Maximize Recovery of Your Business Hurricane Claims

Has your business lost money due to a natural disaster? Did Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Michael affect your bottom line? Have you considered filing a claim with your

Overturned sem-truck on side of the highway.

Consider Using a Preferred Provider for Repairs

When making a claim with your insurance carrier or the adverse at-fault insurance carrier, you may be given the option to have repairs done at one of their “preferred provider”