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photo of trucker layered over a courtroom, lawyers that represent truckers?

Lawyers that Represent Truckers for Downtime Losses

Accidents Cause Business Interruptions

In the trucking industry, it is quite common for people to hear about suing truck drivers for injuries or damages, but did you know there are lawyers that represent truckers for business interruption? It is so commonplace in our society that you can easily google how to sue a trucker or see huge billboards with smiling attorneys advertising the same when driving down the road. Now, the playing field has been levelled as now truckers can find lawyers to champion them and their business. Owner operators have a big concern going out on the road as a small business owner. A single crash could quite literally put a trucker out of business or in an exceeding amount of debt trying to get their truck fixed and paying for legal fees. Imagine everything gone in an instant because someone was not paying attention. Accidents happen, but they have devastating consequences for all parties involved. Truckers should heave a big sigh of relief knowing now that there are attorneys that represent them for downtime.

Owner Operators are Businesses, too!

What many people are failing to realize is that an owner operator could lose more than just their truck from an accident; however, the right lawyer could help recover their downtime losses. These small business owners sometimes live out of these vehicles as well as being their only mode of transportation. A trucker usually spends more time in their truck than at their actual home. Their business is their whole livelihood. In the long run, owner operators lose more than just their business if they are sued from an accident. That is why attorneys like Eckert & Associates, P.A. exist to help trucks in tight spots after an accident.

Attorneys for Truckers!

Some lawyers are knights in shining armor for owner operators in recovering downtime. Business interruption is a concern for anyone that owns their own business. Eckert & Associates, P.A. represents the little guys. We help owner operators get back on their feet after an accident and recover their downtime. If you do not know what downtime is, we will be happy to tell you. Downtime is recovering the loss of revenue that their business is losing from their truck not moving. With the delay in parts and stingy insurance companies, many truckers are put in a financial bind. We want truckers to not always be made out as the bad guy and we want them to have their financial independence back! Let Eckert & Associates, P.A. be your hero!