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Legal Process

Mitigating the law's impact on the semitruck driver's downtime claims.

Mitigation: A Trucker’s Unknown Enemy

The trucking industry is full of battles and challenges. One such challenge is the potential for accidents, which can cause damage to both the truck and the driver. While accidents

Exotic idols with semitruck-inspired cover art.

Exotic Loads and Downtime Claims

Some of our highest dollar cases are for clients who haul “exotic loads” – windmills, tankers, car haulers, oversized loads, houses, and government explosives. Many of these loads require permits

There's amazing semitruck limos out there.

Limos & Lost Business Income

Near our hometown in North Florida, we occasionally see a Chicken Limo pass by. This oversized party-on-wheels has a giant chicken head on the roof. Our law firm’s staff has

Xrays and MRI scans, Truckers have personal injuries too

Truckers Have Personal Injuries Too

Jorge, a professional truck driver, was traveling north on I-95 when a car decided to brake suddenly in front of him for no apparent reason. With as much effort as

Blueberry pie on table, Dividing up the Pie with Limits Issues

Dividing Up the Pie with Limits Issues

On a summer day in Dallas, Texas, you’re driving your big rig along Interstate 20. An 18-year-old girl, on the phone, hits you. Everyone’s okay and the girl’s given a

RV next to a tree on a lake. Can RVs Have Downtime?

Can RVs Have Downtime Losses?

Mike and Maria own a small RV store of 35 recreational vehicles. These motor homes are all in high demand throughout the summer months. In June, one of their vehicles

Man asking a woman a question in an office, Business interruption claims with Kelsea Eckert

5 Questions About Business Interruption Claims

All types of businesses experience interruptions now and then, whether due to electrical outages, accidents, or even a pandemic. Interruptions in work flow can cause large losses of business income.