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Lawyers discussing a property damage claim

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Tractor Trailer’s Property Damage Claim?

Insurance Claims after a Trucking Accident

Your talents are in trucking, not insurance. When your truck’s been hit, you’re suddenly thrown into the insurance world and expected to know how claims work, property damage claims and personal injury claims. The other driver’s adjuster knows how it works. You should, too.

When your equipment has been damaged by a bad driver, you have the right to file a property damage claim against their insurance company.  That insurance company will assign a claims adjuster who’s responsible for settling the claim in a favorable way… for HIS employer, not you.

Physical Damage versus Personal Injury

Because of the protection of heavy equipment, many truck drivers are not physically injured in accidents, only their trucks. It is often difficult to find an attorney willing to handle property damage only claims. However, we focus our practice in this area. And, in our experience, property damage claims are usually easier to resolve than bodily injury claims. What’s more, the nature of these claims allow for a more timely settlement since you don’t need to wait for the injury to be healed or to reach maximum improvement. Once your truck’s repaired and back on the road, you’re no longer racking up losses.

Different Types of Property Damage Claims

Under the property damage umbrella, you may have several types of claims from the same accident. These claims include equipment repairs, towing, temporary rental of equipment, downtime and diminished value.  You should demand payment of all legitimate claims. Be sure to keep receipts and income records.  If you need help calculating and demanding your rightful losses, let us know.

If you are an owner operator or small fleet that has had an accident, call us now or complete this online form.  We will answer your questions and give you options. The information is free and there is no obligation to hire us.