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Downtime got your fleet income down?.

Downtime Got Your Fleet Income Down?

Trucking companies rely on their fleets of vehicles to generate income. However, accidents can happen. When they do, a fleet can be brought to a halt, causing a loss of

Fleet of trucks with a graph decreasing, Is your fleet undervalued or underinsured?

Is Your Fleet Equipment Undervalued and Underinsured?

As supply chain issues accelerate, companies face challenges in parts replacement, equipment production, and a massive shortage of trucks and repair staff. Here’s how to ensure your equipment isn’t underinsured.

Various Equipment used in expedited trucking

Expedited Trucking

I am often asked what are the pros and the cons of expedited trucking versus standard trucking. The lists are long. While most people know about the “standard” trucking world,

Utility truck working on the road, safety switch, Downtime? Rental? for Utility Companies

Utility Companies Have Downtime Too!

A car runs into your utility truck.  Based on the damage, that company truck could be down for weeks.  While the car’s insurance might pay for your repairs, there’s also