Nationwide Fleet Subrogation Attorneys

Self-insured Retention

Eckert & Associates, PA’s focus is on the trucking industry. Our experience and time are spent finding money for our transportation clients. Because of large self-insured retentions, many fleets are vulnerable to large losses. The general public often likes to portray trucking fleets as having deep pockets and endless resources. The facts are margins are tight, and fleets must watch their bottom lines. For more information on self-insured fleets, see our blog article.

Accidents & Mechanical Negligence

One way to dramatically increase the bottom line is to quickly recover money due from at fault parties. Recovering accident damages from third-party drivers and difficult adjusters can be a challenge. We work hard for our fleet clients to recover lost dollars from both bad drivers due to traffic accidents and bad mechanics due to negligent repairs.

Subrogation Experience

Our highly experienced fleet subrogation adjusters are knowledgeable in insurance industry laws and practices. They have worked for insurance companies and law firms.  We use this knowledge and experience to negotiate the maximum recovery and get money back for your bottom line.

Loss of Use & Diminished Value

Additionally, our fleet subrogation staff pursues loss of use and diminished value for our fleet clients. If you suffer a loss due to the negligent actions of another party, that party and their insurance company should have to pay all expenses related to the loss.

Cargo Claims

Cargo is often damaged in accidents. Our office pursues the wrongful party for any cargo losses that are billed to or paid by our clients.

If your fleet utilizes other carriers who are contractually obligated to pay for damaged cargo, we will handle the collection efforts to recoup any cargo claims you paid.

Contingency Fee

Eckert & Associates, PA is only paid when we collect money for you. We welcome your call or visit to our office to discuss your collection needs.


Does your fleet need help collecting on claims?

Our experience and time are spent finding money for our transportation clients.