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Woman in front of semi truck

Women in Trucking and Women in Law

Both the transportation and law fields were dominated by men for many years. Both have made vast improvements in the development of women in the fields. Women In Trucking Association, “WIT”, promotes gender diversity in the transportation industry. WIT highlights the many advantages of having different perspectives in the trucking industry, including how to increase the performance for all in the business.

Obstacles like flexible work schedules and fair and inclusive corporate cultures are important to WIT to help women advance in the industry. The ability to overcome these obstacles makes room for more success. Trucking and law both benefit from gender diversity as they allow room to grow through creativity and innovations that lead to a more successful industry. Eckert & Associates, P.A. agrees with the core values that the WIT Association represents.

Attorney Kelsea Eckert started Eckert & Associates, P.A. in 2005. Since then, her team has resolved thousands of trucking claims. To this day, E&A is still a women-majority company. We enjoy working in transportation law. We will continue to serve our trucking friends and our community.

Special Programs for Women Interested in Trucking

The Women in Trucking Association offers many scholarships and other resources to women to continue their education in trucking. “The Women in Trucking Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports ambitious students, drivers, and professionals in the trucking industry who seek to grow their skills through classroom and vocational training” (Women in Trucking Foundation, https://www.womenintruckingfoundation.org/. Accessed 1 Sept. 2022).

WIT accepts applications twice a year – for the Spring and Fall semesters. Check out their website if you are interested in beginning or continuing your education in the industry. The foundation was founded in 2011 and is supported by donors and volunteers. The funds are used to help individuals or groups in trucking/transportation, specifically in the fields of Safety, Driving, Technical and Leadership education or training. With the help of this scholarship, people have the opportunity to further their careers in the transportation business.

Women in Trucking continues to support women in trucking. We couldn’t be prouder! Between the WIT association furthering gender diversity, accommodating obstacles for women in the field, and helping women grow in education and training–the sky’s the limit! Here at Eckert & Associates, P.A. we will strive for the same excellency with our staff to help truckers with their downtime claims.