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Can a dash cam save your semitruck claim?

Can a Dash Cam Save Your Claim?

Dash cam videos can be an essential piece of evidence in your insurance claim. For many of our clients, dash cam videos are so important, that their case relies on the video. One of our clients was struggling with his claim when he contacted our firm.

When this client came to us the adverse insurance company was not accepting liability for the incident. They argued that our client was wrongfully changing lanes which was the true cause of the accident. We requested that our client send any dash cam footage he might have of the accident. He sent us the video above. After we sent the adverse insurance company the dashcam video, they were forced to accept full responsibility for the loss. It was very clear from the video that our client was driving in his lane when the other car came flying into him. We then were able to recover our client’s downtime losses up to the limits of the at-fault party’s insurance coverage.

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