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Person using a tablet with digital icons is shown, promoting digital permit books for trucking companies with the text “Transportation is Going Digital. ECRED: Digital Permit Books.”.

eCred: Digital Upgrades in the Trucking Industry

It seems like these days everything in the trucking industry is getting a digital upgrade. Yet, many carriers are still using paper permits and logs.

Digital Permits

eCred has been leading the charge into the future in the digital permit book space for years. Since 2017, the founders and core members of the company have lobbied for every state to allow the use of electronic permits. Their efforts have paid off because as of this year, all 48 states in the mainland U.S. now allow the use of electronic permits.

What is eCred?

eCred’s comprehensive service is one of the best organizational tools for a trucking business, allowing users to upload and keep track of numerous kinds of crucial documents as well as equipment and drivers. The website lets you see when permits are going to expire and download any document you need.

When you log into the website you’ll see a snapshot of how compliant your company is. You can see upcoming deadlines for your permits, equipment, and fleet through the entire year in month-by-month increments. This makes keeping tabs on every aspect of your business easy and accessible. In each additional tab of the website, you can see each permit, piece of equipment, and individual driver listed. Each one will have detailed information reported on screen and the option to look at individual documents.

Time Saved is Money Earned

Think of the hours of time spent printing, organizing, mailing or assigning, and then checking each and every single piece of equipment, every permit, and every driver’s information. This automated process removes the manual labor and hours of time each year for your employees to do this work.

Driver Benefits

However, the company believes that their driver app, which replaces the need for all the bulky binders crowding the dashboard, holds the real value. The driver’s app is intuitive to use and allows any driver to immediately pull up their permits, insurance, and registration.

Even if a driver gets pulled over in a remote location, the app still stores the permits and can display and share them with ease. eCred prioritizes assisting drivers on the road to stay compliant with the law and to avoid fines, delays, or emergencies.

Will eCred be a New Industry Standard?

Looking to the future, a service like eCred’s will likely become an industry standard. Every industry is steadily shifting towards integration with phones and tablets. It is no doubt the trucking industry will be the same. If you want to learn more about eCred, you can explore their website,