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Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident Part 1

You’ve driven your truck for eight years without an accident. Last December, out of the blue, another vehicle sideswipes you and causes $15,000.00 in damage to your tractor.  You drive highly specialized equipment and you suddenly find yourself down for two weeks. What do you do?

The steps in protecting yourself and your trucking business actually begin before the accident occurs:

  1. Make sure you have good insurance coverage through a reputable insurance carrier. Keep a copy of your insurance card in your vehicle.
  2. Make sure you have a camera in your vehicle or a phone if equipped with a camera. You will want to take as many pictures as possible at the scene of an accident should one occur.
  3. Consider putting a tape recorder in the vehicle or making sure your smartphone is equipped with a recording feature. This is very helpful in case there are witnesses at the accident. Or you want to dictate the facts of the accident in your own words at the scene.

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