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Fleet of trucks with a graph decreasing, Is your fleet undervalued or underinsured?

Is Your Fleet Equipment Undervalued and Underinsured?

As supply chain issues accelerate, companies face challenges in parts replacement, equipment production, and a massive shortage of trucks and repair staff. Here’s how to ensure your equipment isn’t underinsured.

What is Freight Factoring? Learn How Factoring Can Change Your Business

What is Freight Factoring?

If you are in the trucking industry, you have probably heard of “freight factoring”. Freight factoring is such a useful tool for small and medium sized businesses. The benefits of

Various Equipment used in expedited trucking

Expedited Trucking

I am often asked what are the pros and the cons of expedited trucking versus standard trucking. The lists are long. While most people know about the “standard” trucking world,

Arial view of Semi Trucks in parking lot

My Truck Got Hit While Parked – What Now?

You’re in the bunk, sound asleep when all of a sudden you get knocked to the floor.  A new driver backed right into your truck. You can’t believe your truck

downtime claims for trucking accidents

How will Coronavirus Impact my Downtime Loss?

With states locking-down and activities being restricted during the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people across the country are being forced to work from home. Those in the toilet paper

Semi Truck Accident

What Truckers Should Do After an Accident

By the very definition of the word, accidents are events that are unexpected. As truck drivers, we have all seen our share of vehicle accidents. Although we hope to never

Firefighters observing automobile accident.

Landline Now Podcast: An Upside for Downtime

Attorney, Kelsea Eckert, and Marketing Assistant, Rita Richa, discussed how owner-operators can recover their  downtime (lost income) after a not-at-fault accident during appearance on the November 18th episode of the